Saturday, January 06, 2007

I HIT 100!

I had hit 100 posts and decided on making a change. I had stayed with Blogger but switched the format and added labels. I had thought about going with Wordpress but figured I would try this first. After all it is free. This blog started out with me occasionally uploading a few photos and moved onto an almost “Photo-A-Day” kind of blog. It may eventually just migrate to Flickr or better suited photography site with full sized images. Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

I used blogger for a pretty long time and switched to wordpress a few months ago.

I love it. Everything I need.

- tags are useful. blogger has them now as well (labels)

- spam catching is excellent with wordpress

- templates are better

- info you get about a poster is better

- more widgets to play with (what i have online contains no custom html)

Dave Beckerman

p.s. I'm signing in anonymous because I can't even remember my blogger login anymore.