Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This PhotoBlog has been moving along and getting updated regularly since July of 2006. Earlier this month I was getting a little bored and no longer interested in updates so was thinking of upgrading or switching software. I stayed with Blogger.com and changed the format; still I was losing interest. I have decided to stop doing updates and possibly keep an online portfolio or something along those lines. In time I would rather be doing something more photographically productive. At this time I have no ideas or plans.
Until I have a better idea I moved all my "blogged" photos up to Fickr.

The Road Traveled


Olivier said...

je te souhaite une bonne continuité. dommage que tu arretes, j'aimais bien ton style de photo, surtout les portraits

I wish you a good continuity. it's a pity that you stopped, I liked your style of photograph, especially the portraits

Ming_the_Merciless said...

We will definitely miss your "point of view" on NYC life. Hope you'll find new inspiration on your journey.

pcfranchina said...

Thanks and Thanks! If I do something different I will be sure to post about it.